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11 Things To Love About a Minnesota Summer

Summers in Minnesota are really about soaking up every moment of sunshine and goodness before Old Man Winter rears his ugly head again.  We work hard and play hard in a Minnesota summer.

11.  Trails- because even though we have the Mall of America, there is only so much mall-walking a person can take.

10. Barbecues.  We really take advantage of the ability to gather outside of the house, knowing we’re going to get plenty of “togetherness” in the house the rest of the year.

9. Cabins. Not to worry- even if you don’t have one, your friend, your crazy aunt, or your second cousin does. It seems like a great opportunity to catch up!

8. Ice cream.  Whether it’s DQ or Izzy’s, it seems like we have to eat as many cones as we can while we don’t have to worry about our lips freezing to the cone.  (That could legitimately happen, right?)

7.  Swimming- because you can’t visit the land of 10,000 lakes without taking a dip!

6.  “Sea Salt Eatery” and “Tin Fish”- because getting your fish through a window and eating outside can’t be beat!

5. “Summer Clothes”.  We store them 9 months out of the year, but when it’s time to dust them off and put them on (fingers crossed they still fit!) it’s worth the wait.

4. Flip flops.  Shoes and socks are so constraining.  Free the toes!

3. Fairs of all types: art fairs, county fairs, and the grandfather of all fairs, The Great Minnesota Get-together!

2. Bon-fires- because if you’re able to blow dry your hair without smelling smokey goodness, it’s probably been too long.

1. Patios. (We’re a little biased at Richfield Blacktop and Concrete, but…) in Minnesota, we LOVE to find any restaurant we can with a patio.  Patio lunches, happy hours and dinners galore.

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