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Here are some questions you should ask any contractor you are considering for your driveway replacement or other project:

Choose a Paving Contractor

  • Are You Licensed and Insured? – Any contractor you use should have liability and workman’s compensation insurance. The insurance protects you if your property is damaged during the job or if one of the company’s employees is injured while working on your property. While a state license is not required by the state, some cities require licensing. Richfield Concrete is a licensed contractor and carries both types of insurance.
  • How Long Has Your Company Been Doing This Work? – If a company has been building driveways for a long time, that’s evidence that they are not some Johnny-come-lately startup that may not have the experience needed to create driveways for Minnesota’s special conditions. Richfield Concrete and Richfield Blacktop have been in business in the Twin Cities since 1954, and have paved almost 10 million square feet of driveways and other projects. We know Minnesota’s special needs.
  • How Will You Estimate The Price? – Be wary of any company that offers to give you a price for your project over the phone. Driveway replacement prices vary widely, and many factors need to be considered. The only way you can get an accurate estimate is through a consultation on your actual site by an experienced driveway consultant who will consider all the factors and discuss them with you. Richfield Concrete offers free, no-obligation on-site consultations and estimates for every job. That’s your assurance that the estimate will match the final price, unless changes are made during the job.
  • How Soon Will The Work Be Done? – Any good driveway company will have the resources and crews needed to handle their workload. You should expect a start date that is reasonably soon. If you get the run-around when asked about scheduling, be wary of delays and long construction times. Richfield Concrete has the crews and experience needed to accurately schedule your project to meet your needs.
  • Where Can I See Nearby Examples of Your Work? – Any driveway company worth its salt should be able to give you examples of driveways they’ve built near your location, so you can drive by and have a look. Richfield Concrete is proud of our work, and is always happy to show it off.
  • Do You Have A Good Better Business Bureau Rating? – Get the answer to this question, then follow up by checking the rating yourself. The company’s BBB rating will give you a good idea of how their work meets customer’s expectations. Richfield Concrete is proud of our BBB rating.  You can also check the rating of Richfield Blacktop, our sister company. Both companies are under the same ownership.

Use Our 10-Point Contractor Checklist to Compare Contractors

To help you assess driveway contractors before making a decision, we’ve developed an easy to use checklist that includes the questions above, along with other factors. It’s a good way to compare contractors. Click Here to view and print a copy of the checklist for every company you are considering.

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Unlike some driveway companies, Richfield Concrete welcomes your questions and investigation. We’re proud of our record of driveway construction and of our thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. Our 60+-year history and legendary reputation assures you that we’re one of the area’s top driveway contractors. Our expert driveway consultants, well-trained, courteous crews, and top-notch equipment are ready to handle your driveway or other paving needs promptly, efficiently, beautifully, and at competitive prices. Call us today or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We’d love to meet you.

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