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Some of the features of concrete that make it ideal for so many Minnestotans include

  • Compatibility with Minnesota Weather – Some Minnesotans have the wrong idea about concrete driveways, thinking that they’re not suitable for Minnesota’s harsh winter climates. The fact is that a properly built and maintained concrete driveway can last two times longer, or more, than an asphalt driveway. All over the Twin Cities Metro Area, there are beautiful concrete driveways that have been in place for 30 years and more. The key to success is proper construction by a professional, experienced paving contractor, like Richfield Concrete.
  • concrete-driveway-minneapolisBeauty – As the first thing people see when they visit your home, your driveway is an important part of your property’s “curb appeal.” The look and feel of a concrete driveway, enhanced by special finishes like colorful exposed aggregate, or a slip-free broomed finish, adds an elegant touch to your home.
  • Value over Time – A concrete driveway costs more per square foot than an asphalt driveway, but has a longer life than asphalt. When you calculate the cost of your driveway over its lifetime, concrete is a truly economical investment that increases the value of your home.
  • Neighborhood Appearance – Look at the driveways in your neighborhood. If almost all are concrete, then concrete is your best choice. Maintaining the overall appearance of a neighborhood is important to homeowners. In some developments, concrete driveways may actually be a requirement.
  • Comfort – In Minnesota summer weather, a concrete driveway will remain cooler than asphalt, and won’t soften in the hot sunshine. If you’re like most Twin Cities families, your driveway also doubles as a play area for your children, so this is an important factor.
  • Integration with Landscaping – The crisp edges of a concrete driveway provide a clean, well-defined border for your landscaping, and match the appearance of walkways and other features of your property. In addition, concrete is more resistant to weeds and grass growing through the paving than asphalt.

Concrete Driveways – A Great Choice for Minnesota

When it’s time to replace an old, cracked, uneven asphalt driveway on your Minneapolis St. Paul property, give concrete serious thought as your paving option. There are many advantages to concrete paving, as you can see in the list above. Which type of driveway pavement you choose is completely up to you, of course. At Richfield Concrete, we build high-quality concrete and asphalt driveways, so we’re completely objective about your decision. We can help you learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of paving, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Richfield Concrete – Twin Cities Metro Area Leader in Driveway Construction

At Richfield Concrete, our goal is to provide you with all options for driveway construction. Whether you choose concrete or asphalt for your driveway, you can count on our paving company to create your new or replacement driveway using the best techniques, greatest care, and attention to every detail. We build every driveway as though we were building it on our own property. When you’re looking for the best results in driveways, always think Richfield Concrete. Call us today or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We’d love to meet you and talk about your project.