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Concrete: An Attractive Option for Any Property

Concrete pavement is the perfect choice for any property type, including residential homes, commercial buildings, or government facilities. Although the initial investment for a concrete pavement installation is higher upfront, the cost of concrete paving materials is entirely worth it when you see how attractive the end result really looks.

The Advantages of Concrete

Richfield Concrete is a Minnesota paving company providing expert installations, replacements, and other paving services for concrete structures. We always recommend concrete to our commercial and residential clients due to its broad range of advantages for any property owner. Concrete is versatile in its applications, making it an attractive choice for several types of institutions, including:

  • Schools and universities
  • Schools
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants and grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Office parks
  • Apartment or condominium complexes
  • Warehouses and shipping terminals
  • Garages or other parking structures


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Titan 5000

Our signature Titan 5000 concrete mix was formulated for the harsh Minnesota climate. The Titan 5000 mix offers durable fiberglass rebar and micros fibers for maximum durability. With above industry-grade PSI and class A rock for improved rock popping performance, your concrete driveway is built to last. This specially formulated mix also offers an integral sealer for improved moisture protection and minimal water/cement ratio to reduce peeling, giving homeowners throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas long-lasting and reliable concrete driveway solutions.

Our Service Offerings

Richfield Concrete is a Minnesota concrete paving company making the lives of property owners in the area so much easier with our exceptional range of paving services and straightforward concrete paving process. Set your home or business up for success with a beautifully paved structure from Richfield Concrete. From porches and patios to parking lots and more, we always have you covered with the best concrete paving services in Minnesota.

Concrete Driveways

Our most popular service offerings are concrete driveway installation and replacement. We make installing a concrete driveway a smooth, straightforward process so that you can stay stress-free throughout your project.

The experts at Richfield Concrete can work with you to develop an attractive driveway design using unique concrete stampings, color options, different driveway layouts, landscaping ideas, and other elements to build a beautiful entryway to your home or business. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your next concrete driveway installation or replacement.

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Concrete Patios

Another paving service we proudly offer at Richfield Concrete is concrete patio installations and replacement. Concrete patios are the perfect addition to your property’s backyard or incorporate one onto a commercial property to create a beautiful escape for employees and customers alike. Enjoy the relaxing, natural atmosphere of Minnesota’s great outdoors with a professional concrete patio installation from Richfield Concrete. Call now to learn more about the concrete patio services we provide.

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Concrete Garage Floors

Finished concrete garage floors are yet another of our highly favored service offerings for property owners in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas. Concrete garage floors are an excellent investment for both homes and businesses because they look great, are easy to clean, and last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Although finished garage floors are an excellent investment for residential homes — especially for those homeowners will large recreational vehicles — it is not their only application. Some businesses that benefit from installing finished concrete flooring include:

  • Auto repair shops
  • Tattoo and piercing parlors
  • Trucking and shipping terminals
  • Warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Retail locations
  • Grocery stores
  • Recreational facilities

Concrete flooring from Richfield Concrete can undoubtedly transform your home or business, adding immense benefits to your property. If you’re ready for a finished concrete garage floor installation in Minnesota, contact the expert concrete paving contractors at Richfield Concrete to complete your project expeditiously.

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Concrete Stoops and Steps

Every home or business needs a functional entryway where guests can come and go safely and easily. Richfield Concrete specializes in the installation and upkeep of concrete stoops, steps, and staircases.

Our concrete solutions are ideal for any type of property, and our experts can develop a design to perfectly match an existing concrete driveway, patio, or other paved structure. Make an excellent first impression on anyone entering your home or business with a beautiful concrete stoop or steps from Minnesota’s most trusted concrete paving company: Richfield Concrete.

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Concrete Sidewalks

No residential or commercial property is ever complete without a properly installed sidewalk, path, or walkway. At Richfield Concrete, we will provide you with long-lasting concrete paving materials for these types of structures at affordable prices for any sized property.

Enable any guests or customers to move freely and easily about your property will a high-quality concrete sidewalk installation from Richfield Concrete. Our seamless construction process allows you to start using your newly installed concrete sidewalks and walkways within just a few short days. Don’t leave your visitors wandering around your property aimlessly; opt for an outstanding concrete sidewalk paving solution from Minnesota’s preferred paving partner.

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Everything You Need at Richfield Concrete

Concrete pavement installations aren’t the only thing we specialize in here at Richfield Concrete. We offer an array of unique concrete services to keep your property looking as beautiful as ever. Our experts help you develop an annual maintenance schedule to make sure your concrete stays in the best shape possible, as well as provide replacements when pavement problems arise.

Some of the signs of concrete pavement breakdown and may need a replacement include:

  • Potholes
  • Fractures and networks of cracks
  • Pooling water

Clearly, you can find the perfect solution for your commercial or residential concrete pavement problems at Richfield Concrete. Our experts will assist you throughout the entire paving process, providing real-time updates and answering any questions or addressing concerns you may have along the way. When you work with the skilled team of paving contractors at Richfield Concrete, you always wind up with a beautifully paved concrete structure.

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