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1 – 3 Days

  • Getting an Estimate – After calling Richfield Concrete, we’ll set up an appointment to have an experienced professional driveway specialist come to your location. He’ll evaluate your project, take measurements, and discuss every available issue and option with you. This consultation and estimate process is completely free, and you are under no obligation. He’ll prepare an accurate estimate of the cost for your project and answer any questions you may have. All of the choices are up to you, and we never use high-pressure sales tactics.
  • Signing the Estimate – If you decide, as thousands of Minnesota homeowners have, to go ahead and have Richfield Concrete do the work, your signature on the estimate gives us the go-ahead. All terms of the estimate, our limited warranty terms, and other information will appear in writing on your estimate. Any later changes to the project will be fully discussed with you.
  • Scheduling Construction – We’ll work with your schedule and the schedule for our crews to come up with an estimated start date for your project. Typically, you can expect about 2-4 weeks before the project begins, but scheduling time varies, depending on weather, time of year, and other factors.

1-10 days

  • Locating Utilities and Pulling Permits – Between the time you contract with us and the start date, we’ll arrange to locate all underground utilities at the constructions site. We’ll also pull any necessary permits required by your city or other jurisdiction. We’ll let you know when construction will begin a 1-2 days in advance.

1-3 Days

  • Project Construction – In most cases, the entire construction process for a concrete driveway will be completed in 1-3 days. Often, a project is completed in a single day. The steps involved depend, of course on the type of project, but here are the steps for a typical residential concrete driveway replacement:
  • Remove Existing Driveway – Using skid-steer loaders and other equipment, the crew will quickly remove the existing driveway and load it into trucks. The removed material will be taken way for recycling.
  • Prepare the Base – As discussed with the owner, the existing base under the driveway may be suitable for the new concrete driveway. If not, excavation and replacement of the base may be required. In either case, the base will be graded, smoothed, and compacted, with careful attention paid to drainage.
  • Install Concrete Forms – Metal and wood forms will be constructed, as needed, around the perimeter of the project. These forms establish the thickness of the concrete and contain it, during placement.
  • Install Reinforcement – A grid of composite rebar, stronger than steel. This ties the concrete together and keeps the concrete from raising up.
  • Pouring the Concrete – Concrete-mixing trucks will arrive at the site, and the concrete will be placed inside the forms, starting at the garage end of the driveway and working toward the street. The concrete used is a high-strength mix as specified in the estimate, and will include microfiber reinforcement to help prevent cracking. As the concrete is poured, the crew begins the screeding process that levels the concrete.
  • Concrete Finishing – Screeding, which levels the concrete, is followed by finishing, which will use a combination of power and hand tools. Depending on the surface type you have selected, the final finish may be a smooth, broomed or exposed aggregate finish. To aid in the proper curing of the newly poured concrete, a curing agent will be applied to the new surface. This helps the concrete retain water and cure properly. Once the curing agent has been applied, the crew will place warning tape around access points to the driveway, to remind everyone to keep off the surface. All equipment will be collected, the site cleaned up, and you’ll receive instructions for care during the curing process. The forms will be removed after the initial set, and control joints will be hand tooled, or sawed at another time.
  • Concrete Sealing – Our concrete mix has an integral cure and seal in the mix, meaning we do not apply a protective agent to the surface. We recommend that the homeowner apply a penetrating seal after the second full year or on the third year after installation.

2-30 Days

  • The Curing Process – Concrete does not reach its full strength for up to 30 days. It’s crucial until the initial setting of the concrete to keep all traffic, including foot traffic off the concrete. After two days, it’s OK to walk on the new concrete surface. Before then, however, the concrete is easily scarred by foot traffic. After a week, it’s OK to drive vehicles across the concrete and into the garage or to park on your new driveway. Complete curing will take 30 days.

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At Richfield Concrete, we know that you expect a great driveway or other concrete project. Our well-trained, experienced concrete crews make your driveway their highest priority. At every stage of installation, we cut no corners and apply all of our skills and experience to creating a driveway that will look great and last for many years to come. We treat every project as if we were installing it at our own homes. Contact Richfield Concrete today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

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