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Some of the options we may offer for your driveway or other paving project include

  • Sub-Base Options – The sub-base is the foundation for every paving job. Each site has different soil conditions, and requires a different sub-base design. In some situations, you may be able to select different thicknesses for your project’s sub-base. In other cases, as with a concrete driveway replacing an existing asphalt driveway, your existing sub-base may or may not be adequate. In addition, where heavier vehicles, like large RVs will use the driveway, a thicker sub-base may be recommended. We will always explain your options during our consultation with you.
  • Finish Options – Concrete can be finished in several ways. Each has advantages and disadvantages and is appropriate for different situations. The finishes we can provide for your concrete projects include:
    • Smooth Troweled Finish – This finish, created with careful troweling, offers smooth beauty for surfaces, but may be slippery when wet. This finish is usually chosen for garage floors.
    • Broom Finish – The most popular finish for concrete driveways and walkways, this slightly rough finish is created by using brooms at exactly the right stage in the setting of the concrete to roughen the surface. Some patterning can be done during the process, as well. It’s a non-slip surface when wet, and hides minor irregularities in the concrete.
    • Exposed Aggregate Finish – This finish is growing in popularity for driveways, walkways, and patios. It’s created by carefully washing away a thin layer of the cement that binds the concrete from the surface. This exposes the gravel aggregate and leaves a colorful, pebbly appearance.
  • Fiberglass Rebar Reinforcement – A relatively new product, fiberglass rebar reinforcement can reduce cracking as concrete shrinks during the curing process. Used in addition to the steel reinforcing grid, it can greatly reduce the occurrence of fine cracks that sometimes appear as concrete cures. This is an option with some driveway companies, but Richfield Concrete includes fiberglass rebar reinforcement with every concrete driveway.

Richfield Concrete – Many Options, But Always Your Choice

At Richfield Concrete, we offer a wide range of optional features and techniques to our customers. Where we differ from some contractors, though, is that we don’t try to sell you options just because we can. Instead, we present all options to our customers, explain them fully, and thoroughly detail the advantages for any option. Then, we leave the final decision up to the customer. It’s your driveway or other project; we never forget that. If you have a concrete project in mind, call us or contact us online. We’ll schedule a visit with an expert concrete consultant at your property, consult with you on the project, present all appropriate options, then make an accurate estimate of the cost. Let us show you why we’re the recognized Twin Cities leader in concrete paving.

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