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Driveway Paved By Concrete Contractor Minneapolis St Paul MN

Some of the factors that are involved in the price of any paving job include:


  • Size – The size of the driveway, patio, or other area to be paved must be accurately measured. Since concrete paving is priced by the square foot, these measurements are very important.
  • Demolition Requirements – The type of materials already in place and their condition also plays a role in determining the cost of the project. Existing concrete or asphalt must be removed and hauled away for recycling.
  • Sub-base Needs – For a concrete replacement driveway, the existing sub-base may be adequate and only need grading. If the sub-base must be replaced, that is another factor in making an estimate.
  • Options – Any options you choose for your driveway or other concrete surfaces will affect the price, too. Our concrete paving consultant will explain all these options and answer all of your questions, then let you make the final decision.

Changes During The Project May Affect the Price

Richfield Concrete’s initial price estimates are very accurate, because we take special care to make certain we’ve taken all factors into consideration. Most final bills end up be the same as the estimate. However, changes in the project can change the total price. If the property owner decides to change something or we discover a condition that could not be known at the time of the estimate, the price may have to be adjusted. In such situations, we discuss the changes immediately with the property owner before proceeding with the project. Unlike some contractors, Richfield Concrete will never give you a final bill that contains surprises or hidden charges. We know you need an accurate price as soon as possible, and will always strive to make sure you have the correct price in advance.

Richfield Concrete – Always Competitive Pricing and Complete Communication

Driveway construction and concrete work is a competitive business in the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro Area. Richfield Concrete’s prices are always competitive with other paving contractors. Richfield Concrete always provides its customers with full and complete information. When you get an estimate from us, you can expect that will be the final price for your project, unless changes are made during the project. There will never be any hidden charges or surprises. Even if changes must be made, they will be discussed with you immediately, before work continues. Since 1954, our customers have been our best salesmen, referring their neighbors and friends to Richfield Concrete. Call us soon or contact us online for a free consultation and estimate for your driveway or other project. We’d love to have you join our list of thousands of satisfied customers.

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