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Some of the projects we specialize in include

  • Walkways – Smooth durable walkways are an enhancement to any home or business. Whether they’re straight or curved, your walkways define your property. They also form boundaries for your landscaping and direct pedestrian traffic around your property. Whether you need new walkways or replacement walkways around your home, business, or other property, Richfield Concrete can provide fast, economical, professional construction of walkway projects.
  • Driveway Aprons – The concrete apron in front of your garage and at the street end of your driveway sometimes needs replacement. Richfield Concrete can replace these important features at any time.
  • Curbs and Mowing Borders – Controlling the flow of water during rains and melting snow, separating traffic areas, and providing a physical barrier against vehicular traffic, curbs are a common need in many situations. Where extensive lawns exist, concrete mowing borders simplify lawn maintenance chores for both residential and commercial properties. Richfield Concrete can handle all of these projects.
  • Steps, Porches and Landings – Many homes and businesses in the Minneapolis St. Paul area have older concrete steps, porches, and landings that have deteriorating and cracked. Not only are these unattractive, they are also a safety hazard, and should be replaced. Richfield Concrete can quickly replace these old eyesores and restore the beauty and safety of your property.
  • Ramps – If you need an inclined ramp for a walkway or other need, contact Richfield Concrete. Let our experienced concrete consultant advise you on how we can create the ramp you need for your home or business.
  • Concrete Pads for Any Use – Concrete pads have many uses, from parking area for boats and campers to pads for equipment, generators, and other commercial uses. Richfield Concrete can build concrete pads of any size, and for any purpose.

Richfield Concrete – Versatility in Concrete Paving Projects

Whether you need asphalt or concrete paving for residential or commercial property, Richfield Concrete has the experience, expertise, equipment, and expert crews to handle your job. Our stellar reputation comes from our quality work and devotion to service, and our 60+ years of paving outdoor surfaces means that we understand paving like nobody else. Call us or contact us online for any concrete or asphalt paving project you have in mind. We’ll be happy to consult with you on your project and provide a highly.