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The 8 Biggest Benefits of a Concrete Driveway Installation

Concrete has been one of the most widely used driveway materials for decades, and for a good reason. It is durable, attractive, it can survive changes in temperature and weather. There are many different styling options available to fit your unique design needs. And no matter the style of home, be it bungalow or colonial, concrete can blend it with all of them. Today, we will dive into the benefits of installing a beautiful concrete driveway. 

What is Concrete?

First things first, what is concrete? It’s not the same as cement. It’s a mixture of components that combined give it durability and the ability to last for years. Concrete is comprised of three ingredients: 

  • Water, 
  • Aggregate (usually water, sand, and gravel) 
  • Portland cement. 

Cement, in powder form, acts as a binder when mixed with water and aggregates. This mix will be poured and dry into the sturdy concrete that we all know. 

What are The Benefits of Choosing Concrete? 

  1. Outmatched Weatherability 

Concrete far outperforms other driveway materials in terms of weather hardiness. It’s perfect for areas with heavy, frequent downpours because water doesn’t affect it like asphalt or gravel. It’s also able to resist hot summers without melting or feeling sticky like asphalt. Your children can safely walk barefoot a concrete driveway, whereas that is not likely something you would do during the summer on asphalt. 

  1. Lower Lifetime Cost 

It’s true that asphalt has a lower upfront cost, and many see that as the primary motivating factor when making a decision. However, a concrete driveway will last longer. And not just a couple of years longer. Thanks to the longevity of concrete, your new driveway could last 50-60% longer than an asphalt driveway. 

The initial cost savings of asphalt are usually offset by the higher maintenance costs for blacktop, of which sealant every two to five years can be one. However, keep in mind that if you opt for colored, stamped, or personalized concrete, it can add to the expense.

  1. Curb Appeal 

The traditional light gray is beautiful on its own. However, concrete is malleable and offers various innovative options for homeowners who want to express themselves. Just like there are stunning front stoop designs, there are similarly trendy concrete driveway options

You aren’t locked into solid black or a flat finish. Imagine intricate patterns, stamps, natural-looking stone patterns, exposed aggregate, a color to match your home, or artistic edges. Let your creativity go wild. Your house will look picture-perfect when it is finished. 

  1. Boost in Home Value 

Concrete is a premium driveway material. If your home is mid to high price range, concrete can be a great way to not only add visual appeal, as we mentioned, but increase the property value. Concrete is a modern and clean look which is a trend in contemporary homes.

Often, homes that start with another driveway material will eventually update to concrete because it’s an asset to their property. 

  1. Low Maintenance 

It’s true that concrete can cost more to install than asphalt initially. However, it can survive for decades without a crack. It’s important to ensure that the concrete is laid thick enough and has a flat, solid base. After that, all you will need to do is keep it clean, and cure and seal it within 28 days. 

  1. Minimal Tear Out Required 

The tear-out need for your individual property depends on the condition of the current slab. There are conditions where tearing it out and starting from scratch is the best option, but many times concrete offers the choice to pour over the existing slab. Your contractor will help you assess your needs and the style of concrete you’d like to use. 

  1. A Breeze to Clean 

Simply sweep or blow off the larger items like sticks, leaves, or branches. You can soak up any oil stains with sawdust or kitty litter overnight. The earlier you can treat stains, the better. Then, blast the surface area with a hose or a power washer along the edges, and you should be good to go!

  1. It’s Eco-Friendly 

Concrete is a planet-friendly building material with regard to its UV reflection properties during the day. It is also 100% recyclable and can be repurposed for new projects when it has met the end of its useful life. It also does not leach any harmful substance into the soil or drinking water. 

The Best Choice For Your Driveway

There are many benefits to choosing concrete for your home. It not only provides you with a visually appealing surface to drive on every day, but it’s also safe for your family to walk on it barefoot as it doesn’t absorb heat like other materials. Add that to the fact that concrete is friendly to the environment, can increase your property value, and gives you countless options to design it as you please, and you wonder why anyone would select anything else. 
If you’re looking for a reliable local contractor, Richfield Concrete is here for you. We’ve been dedicated to high-quality paving work and customer satisfaction since 1954. Concrete driveway construction is our expertise, and we have a team of experts ready to work with you to build the driveway of your dreams. Contact us today for a free quote.

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