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How to Protect Your Concrete Patio During Winter

Winterizing your concrete patio is an essential task before the cold season hits. As the months grow colder, you might be thinking about winterizing your pipes and preparing your home for chilly temperatures. But did you know it’s equally important to prepare your patio for winter?

Before you pull out your winter wardrobe or turn up the heater, call a professional to winterize your patio. Richfield Concrete can supply all your patio needs, from winterizing to laying new concrete.

Why Should You Winterize a Concrete Patio?

Patio During Winter

Winterizing your patio is crucial to prevent damage and extra costs. But why should you bother with winterizing? During the year, water from rainfall or hoses can seep into the cracks and pores of your concrete. This excess water isn’t an issue when it’s warm outside, and you may not even notice it.

However, water becomes an issue in the winter when old temperatures turn the water into ice. When water gets cold, it turns into ice and expands. Expansion is not good news for your concrete, as it widens cracks and causes large crevices to appear on your patio. Snow and rain in winter can also cause problems for your concrete. Fortunately, you can prevent winter damage to your concrete patio in several ways.

Cracks in Concrete Patio

Many factors can cause cracks in your concrete patio. Poor construction techniques are a common factor that leads to damage, so hire experts when pouring a new concrete patio or path.

Time can also cause concrete to fracture, so don’t hesitate to repair your concrete if it’s been a while. Factors like temperature changes, climate variations, wind speed, and humidity cause the moisture in the concrete to evaporate. Over time, cracks form and need urgent repair.

Read on to discover what will happen if you don’t address cracks in your concrete patio.

Water Damage in Winter

Water damage can occur if you don’t winterize and treat concrete issues. To prevent ice and snow from ruining your concrete, you can seal cracks and protect the concrete from harsh winter weather.

How does water damage occur? Well, concrete is naturally a porous material. It’s prone to water absorption, and the material tends to hold onto water.

Your patio comes into contact with water daily from sources like sprinklers, rain, snow, or ice. It can even absorb moisture from the air.

Winter drives the perfect conditions for moisture to wreak havoc on your patio. Continuous freeze and thaw cycles occur as the temperature hovers around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, causing water to freeze and expand in your concrete. The concrete then begins to crack, causing extensive damage.

How to Seal a Concrete Patio

Damages from winter storms cost Americans $15 billion in 2021 alone. Protecting your concrete patio is crucial, so save money and get a head start before the next cold season.

Follow the instructions below to winterize your patio. If you hire a professional, they will follow similar steps.

1.  Fix Current Damage

Begin by cleansing the patio with a power washer. Remove dirt, debris, and grime to prepare a clean surface. Next, protect your concrete by sealing existing cracks and hairline fractures. Fill crevices with a flexible crack sealant. A smooth, sealed surface will act as a barrier against water damage.

2. Apply a Sealer

After you fill old cracks with sealant, it’s time to protect your concrete against future damage. We suggest using a breathable sealer that will allow water to escape and prevent moisture damage.

3. Optimize Your Porch

Organize the items on your porch to keep your concrete from excess water. The process may include moving birdbaths, fountains, and hoses that lead to water buildup.

4. Keep Up With Repairs

You can winterize your concrete every fall before the cold weather sets in. Write a reminder in your calendar to stay on top of the winterizing process. In the meantime, look for new cracks and repair them regularly if needed.

Get Ready for Winter!

Get Ready for Winter!

Winterizing your concrete patio doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a simple process that can save you hundreds of dollars later. Work with a professional for the best quality care. Contact Richfield Concrete today to prepare your concrete patio for winter.

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