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best sealing compounds for concrete

What Are the Best Sealing Compounds for Concrete?

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Choosing the right sealing compound for your concrete is crucial for its longevity and appearance. Sealing your concrete can protect it from moisture, stains, and wear, thereby extending its life and maintaining its appearance for years to come. There are a plethora of options on the market, making it a challenge to find the perfect sealer for your project.

This guide aims to simplify your decision by diving into the details of what constitutes the best sealing compounds for concrete, specifically focusing on xylene and siloxane sealers, among others.

best sealing compounds for concrete

Types of Sealing Compounds

Xylene Sealers

Xylene-based sealers are a type of solvent-based sealers that are known for their durability. They’re a popular choice among professionals for commercial applications due to their ability to withstand heavy traffic and harsh conditions.

Xylene sealers form a glossy finish on the concrete, making the surface not only protective but also aesthetically pleasing. However, due to the strong odors and flammable nature of xylene, it’s crucial to apply these sealers in well-ventilated areas and to take appropriate safety measures.

Siloxane and Silane Sealers

These two types of sealers are another common choice when looking for the best sealing compounds for concrete. Siloxane and silane sealers are known for their ability to penetrate the surface deeply, providing excellent protection against moisture. Unlike xylene sealers, which form a film on the concrete surface, siloxane and silane sealers penetrate into the material, offering a more natural look.

These sealers are usually water-based and are less hazardous than their xylene counterparts. What sets them apart is their durability: these sealers are known to last for several years, reducing the frequency of resealing jobs.

Why Choose High-Quality Sealers?

The longevity and protection of your concrete project largely depend on the quality of the sealer you use. High-quality sealers like xylene, silane, and siloxane offer better resistance to moisture penetration, UV radiation, and wear. They last longer, meaning you won’t have to reseal your concrete as often as you would with a lower-quality product. When you invest in a high-quality sealer, you save both time and money in the long run.

How to Get Tailored Advice

Consulting Your Local Ready Mix Producer

One highly recommended approach for choosing the right sealer is to consult your local Ready Mix producer or the concrete company from which you purchased the concrete. They are experienced in the field and can offer valuable advice tailored to your specific needs. They may even offer sealers that you can use for your project.

Call Your Concrete Company

Alternatively, you could reach out to the company from which you purchased the concrete and inquire about their recommendations. They might have a preferred sealer or could guide you towards one that works best with the specific type of concrete you’ve purchased.


best sealing compounds for concrete

In summary, when it comes to sealing your concrete, high-quality is the way to go. Xylene-based sealers are excellent for commercial applications, but safety precautions are essential due to their flammable nature. Siloxane and silane sealers, on the other hand, offer durable, moisture-resistant sealing with a more natural look.

To get tailored advice suited for your project, don’t hesitate to consult professionals such as your local Ready Mix producer or the company from which you bought your concrete. Choosing the right sealer can greatly extend the life of your concrete, making your investment worthwhile. Contact Richfield Concrete today to learn more about the best sealing compounds for concrete.


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