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Driveway Paved By Concrete Contractor Minneapolis St Paul MN

What’s for lunch? What….a wheel alignment to go along with that pothole?

What a great season to be in auto repair.  Potholes are a boon to that industry this time of year in Minnesota, given the mess the potholes create with the deterioration of asphalt roads, driveways, and even expansion cracks in concrete paved areas.. Did you know that the MN Department of Transportation actually has a “recipe for potholes” on its website?  Yummmm….. A recipe for potholes The ingredients of a hard winter provide the perfect recipe for potholes. Snow, ice and rain provide ample moisture and severe cold causes pavement cracking that allows water to seep in, expand and displace[Read more…]

Thank Goodness We Had THAT Thing in the Garage!

Anyone who owns or rents a home knows that it doesn’t maintain itself.  Unfortunately.  The good news is that when “stuff happens”, whether regular maintenance or something with a much larger hassle factor, the level we are prepared to deal with the situation determines the ease getting back to our definition of “normal”. The media has shown us about strife inflicted to large sections of communities caused by natural weather disasters, requiring generators for power or back-up plans for housing.  We think that just is something that might just happen on the news.  Statistically correct, a large natural disaster isn’t[Read more…]

The Shrinkage Dangers of Driveway Tunnels and Sidewalk Half-Pipes

Living in Minnesota in the winter has both benefits and drawbacks.  The benefits apply to everyone.  The drawbacks usually only apply to adults. First the benefits:  The fresh snow is pretty.  Jack Frost does his magic periodically to get all the amateur photographers excited until the sun melts the frost white landscape.  There is usually hockey to watch or play somewhere.  Deluxe ice fishing homes get to be put out on frozen lakes.  Fireplaces can create ambiance and warmth with a flick of a switch.  Being a kid making snow angels in the yard and forts in the snow banks.[Read more…]