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“Just a note to say thank you for the terrific job done. The porch sidewalk and steps are great. We’ve already had a couple of people comment on how great it looks. We would readily recommend your company to anyone looking for work done. Again thank you so much!”

– Bruce and Teresa C., St Paul, MN

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Reliable Concrete Paving Contractors in Bloomington

We have a dependable team of Bloomington concrete contractors with varying levels of expertise to provide you with the best paving solutions in town.

Concrete Driveway Construction in Bloomington

Driveways don’t have to be purely functional: they can also be attractive. Concrete drivers are growing in popularity in Bloomington because they can break the monotonous appearance, thanks to flexible decorative options. Our contractors do it in several ways, like mixing paving materials for a multicolored, multi-textured look. Or by adding ornamental concrete edging around the driveway for an exquisite look. We will ensure that:

  • The building meets local code and safety standards.
  • Your driveway blends well with the building and the surroundings.
  • The surface will last longer, and it will be easy to maintain.

Sometimes a driveway may have a sloping gradient, interfering with otherwise neat-looking ground. Not to forget that water puddles will be a persistent headache in space. Concrete leveling is a low-maintenance solution and even the most cost-effective option compared to replacing the entire floor.

And if the concrete was not constructed properly from the beginning, as it’s sometimes the reason for sinking, our team will step in with corrective measures. Our solution is guaranteed to last longer while restoring the looks and performance of your concrete surfaces.

Talk to our representative to learn more about installation costs and options, or contact our concrete repair service if your current driveway needs fixing.

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Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

Whether they follow the building walls or flow endlessly across the garden, sidewalks and walkways are the most critical elements of any landscaping design. They provide the platform on which the property might be judged, but they also play a crucial role in movement and safety. Concrete offers a wide selection of materials to satisfy a broad range of visual and functional designs for Bloomington property owners.

Properly installed walkways are a good investment that can be realized many years afterward when you decide to list your property. Richfield concrete also fixes poorly done and damaged concrete to improve safety and aesthetic features.

If you have the space, concrete edging can do a lot of justice to your flourishing garden. But we know that it is exhausting even for seasoned gardeners. Whether your goal is to control the grass or accentuate your garden, you can count on one of our experts to deliver the perfect solution.

We will find a workaround that is specially adapted to your home design. And we can advise on the best landscaping techniques to maintain a functional and decorative garden edging. Concrete edging happens in one of two ways:

  • Concrete block edging
  • Precast concrete edging

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Bloomington Concrete Patios and Porches

Reliable Concrete Paving Contractors in Bloomington

The front porch is a nice place to relax and get some fresh air. And it’s possibly one of the first things that guests notice about your property. An inviting patio creates a relaxing and warm environment, and it can be a perfect place to entertain visitors if you have the space.

Richfield Concrete offers attractive but easy-to-care-for concrete patios with customizable finishes for curb appeal. We can also work on paving solutions, repair works, patio redesign from the ground up, and other creative solutions.

The entry to your porch should be as graceful as possible. But poorly done steps make it feel like a track and field exercise. And a stoop can transform even the oddest of entryways into a magnificent work of art, but building one is a lot of work.

At Richfield Concrete, we are masters at designing and installing concrete steps and stoops for Minnesota property owners. We take care of the process from start to finish, so you can think of other better things to do rather than worry about risers, treads, and stringers.

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Bloomington Concrete Garage Floors

Are you looking to construct a concrete slab in your garage? We will send a Bloomington concrete contractor to help with the installation. Garage floors need to be thicker because they need plenty of strength to support vehicles and withstand the impact of falling tools. However, it doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice beauty and comfort, yet it’s one of those places we tend to spend most of our time.

Some concrete surfaces may be exposed to the elements, where inclement weather causes more wear and tear than human usage. And the extreme weather conditions of the north-star-state only worsen things with its hot and humid summers and frigid winters. With time, concrete will lose its ability to hold together, causing cracks, chips, and surface scaling.

Reinforcing concrete floors is crucial for human safety and the overall longevity of the property. And there are many ways to repair concrete, all of which require extensive experience with corrosive substances and concrete reinforcement materials. At your request, Richfield Concrete will send an expert your way so you won’t have to make any costly mistakes.

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Bloomington Paving Solutions That Make a Difference

Bloomington Paving Solutions That Make a Difference

Any proud homeowner knows that driveways and sidewalks must be designed for beauty and function without being an extra burden. Ideally, all outdoor spaces, including sidewalks, patios, garage floors, and stoops, should be delightful to look at and easy to maintain. Richfield Concrete can sort out time-saving and pocket-friendly concrete installations, repairs, and replacements.

We are the right people to call for firmly constructed concrete patios, walkways, garage floors, stoops, driveways, and more. Richfield Blacktop is a sister company specializing in asphalt paving solutions. You can contact us for new installations and repair jobs anywhere in the Twin Cities and the surrounding neighborhoods in MN.

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Because we have been doing this for over 65 years. We believe we are the only Bloomington concrete contractors who meet your paving and repair needs. We understand that the solutions we give are not about us but about improving your life. Richfield has an excellent track record with hundreds of commercial and residential customers across MN. And we want to keep things the same way if not better, guarding our reputation by offering top-of-the-line services all the time.

We have led thousands of transformations for many residents across Minnesota. Whether you need help with simple design tweaks for a residential home or a massive commercial project, we have what it takes to transform your Bloomington property into a wildly attractive space. Contact us today for a free quote.

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