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Projects We Specialize In

  • Garage Floors – Your garage is an important part of your property. Sadly, garage floors often sustain damage over the years from heavy loads and winter salt. Richfield Concrete can replace your damaged garage floor with a brand new, smooth, garage floor.
  • Walkways – Smooth durable walkways are an enhancement to any home. Whether they’re straight or curved, your walkways define your yard and act as boundaries for your landscaping. Richfield Concrete can create new walkways on your property or replace damaged and uneven walkways quickly and economically.
  • Steps and Porches – Many older homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area have concrete steps and porches that are deteriorating and cracked. Replacing such steps and porches, and creating new ones is a specialty for Richfield Concrete.
  • Patios – Minnesotans love to be outdoors. As soon as the last of the snow has melted, we head outside for entertainment, recreation, and family activities. An economical concrete patio is a great addition to any backyard, and quickly becomes the family’s outdoor entertainment center. Any size or shape is possible with concrete, and Richfield Concrete can provide numerous finish options.
  • Outdoor Recreation – If your children need a place to play basketball, practice skateboarding, or engage in any outdoor sport that requires a hard surface, concrete is ideal. Richfield Concrete can create that surface for you.
  • Concrete Pads for Any Use – A concrete pad makes an excellent surface for many uses, from parking for boats and campers to permanent flooring for storage buildings. Richfield Concrete can build concrete pads of any size, for any purpose.
  • Concrete Repairs – If you have an existing concrete surface that has been damaged or is cracked and uneven, Richfield Concrete can make repairs for you. We’ll cut the concrete, then remove the damaged area, then lay fresh concrete to replace the damaged area. Minimum fee applies. 

Richfield Concrete – Twin Cities Full-Service Concrete Paving Contractor

At Richfield Concrete, we understand all aspects of creating outdoor concrete surfaces for properties in Minneapolis St. Paul. Our experienced concrete crews will expertly handle your concrete paving needs, whatever they may be. Both homeowners and commercial property owners know they can trust Richfield Concrete with any outdoor concrete paving project. Call us soon, or contact us online to discuss your concrete needs. One of our experienced concrete paving consultants will visit your property, consult with you, then provide a free, no-obligation estimate for the project.

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