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Concrete Garage Floor


Concrete Garage Floor

How a Concrete Garage Floor Can Increase Your Property Value

When selling a property, most developers base their attention on the main rooms, like the kitchen and living room, and the exteriors as well as the garage. One of the most valuable rooms in the house is the garage because of the multiple purposes it can serve. The garage floor stands out as one of the features that determine the value of the house.  Therefore, investing in quality garage flooring

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Choosing a Finish for Your Concrete Garage Floor

If you are looking to add some refinement or express yourself in your garage, one way is through your garage floor. The typical garage slab is functional, but it is not the most exciting to look at. With some effort, you can have an attractive, finished garage floor.  In the past, many homeowners felt confined by the concrete floor finishings available on the market. Aside from standard gray concrete finishes,

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7 Garage Organization Tips

If you’re like us, spring is that special time when you realize that an entire winter’s worth of toys, decorations, dirt, and tools are scattered throughout your garage.  Time to get it cleaned up and organized now that it’s warm enough to do so! We wanted to share some of the best garage organization tips we’ve seen over the years. Hanging shelving– If installed correctly, this can be super stable. 

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Breaking news: Garage beats out Deck, Patio to take 2nd place this season!

Some things in our daily lives get little respect and appreciation. We often take for granted daily blessings when we get used to them: Electricity, a hot shower, air in our vehicle’s tires when it’s time to drive, nice weather, wifi hot spots, safe roads, mail delivery, open grocery stores, good health. Until something breaks down in some way, life just floats happily along without one-more-thing to add to the

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