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How a Concrete Garage Floor Can Increase Your Property Value

When selling a property, most developers base their attention on the main rooms, like the kitchen and living room, and the exteriors as well as the garage. One of the most valuable rooms in the house is the garage because of the multiple purposes it can serve. The garage floor stands out as one of the features that determine the value of the house.  Therefore, investing in quality garage flooring may give your property an edge in the marketplace while saving you unnecessary replacement costs.

Concrete flooring refers to the hard slab found under a carpet or tiles. It’s one of  the best garage floor options due to its versatility. You can work on an existing concrete floor by grinding, painting, polishing, and texturizing the slab to make it smooth and beautiful.  If you are looking for floors that are elegant and durable, concrete floors come in the first place.  Read on to find out how concrete flooring can raise your property’s value.

Types of Concrete Flooring

  • Concrete Polishing: It is one of the most common flooring methods. The concrete polishing process involves grinding the surface of a concrete slab using diamond grit crushers to give a smooth glossy finish. Concrete floors can be polished to various grade levels. Extra smooth grades may not be suitable for garages where there is a risk of slipping.
  • Concrete Stamping: Concrete stamping is also known as imprinted or textured concrete. It replicates tiles and bricks. Stamped concrete can have a single color or a combination of several colors on each imprint. Due to its rough texture, stamped concrete may be a more suitable flooring alternative where the garage is exposed to liquids that may cause slipping.
  • Concrete Staining: Concrete staining is the process by which grey and old concrete floors get turned to a luxurious concrete floor using acid or water stains. The stains normally give the floor a rustic appearance which may be suitable for homeowners who wish to give their garage a vintage look.
  • Mixing Concrete With Paint: This is an alternative coloring option that is applied to new concrete. Latex paints are the best paints to give your garage concrete floor a permanent and natural color. Also, latex paints prevent fading that may come as a result of moisture percolating from the soil.
  • Heated Floors: Concrete floors can get cold during winter. Extra concrete overlay on your garage floor may solve the problem by embedding hot water tubes or electric heater cables that keep the room warm for you and your family.

6 Ways a Concrete Garage Floor Can Increase Your Property Value

Concrete floors look very basic and dull. However, some  improvement can transform them to become a favorite. Here are reasons why your concrete garage floor is recommended by experts:

1. Beauty & Elegance

Concrete floors do not need to stay hidden under carpets and rugs. Options such as concrete staining, stamping, polishing, or mixing with paint are effective methods to transform your garage. Having a professional fit your concrete garage floor will  make your property look elegant and therefore worth more to potential homebuyers.

2. Easy Maintenance

Property maintenance is a key factor most potential homeowners consider before buying new property. Garages frequently get exposed to dirt from humans, pets, and vehicle oil spillage. All the same, they are easiest to maintain, thus the most suitable floors for a garage. Their smooth nature does not retain dirt and they can be cleaned by simply sweeping, or wiping with a damp mop on a regular basis. The floors are safe for people who suffer from allergies caused by dust and pet dander.

3. Durability

For many years, concrete has served as one of the main media of construction due to its toughness and durability. Polished concrete floors can last as long as the property stands when installed properly. Concrete floors have the strength to withstand heavy weight, chemical spillages, and scratches from traffic. They reduce the cost and inconveniences brought by regular repairs and replacement common with other forms of flooring. When polished concrete is exposed to extreme traffic and cleaned regularly, it may lose its luster. To prevent this, overlaying modern sealants like epoxy to the concrete floor will reinforce it against more extreme conditions.

4. Pet Friendly

Pets are an integral part of the family for many people. It can be quite frustrating having to lock your pet out due to the fear of having your flooring damaged. Concrete flooring is conducive for pets as it is resistant to scratch marks.

5. Easily Customized

A garage can serve different people in various ways. For one person, a garage may be transformed into a home studio, while for another it may be a gym or a workshop. Concrete floors are easily modifiable to fit your objective.

Need a Concrete Garage Floor?

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