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6 Signs It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Commercial Concrete Pavement

Commercial properties take on a high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the year. Thus, they require robust paved surfaces to handle both automobiles and people’s heavy weight and pressure.

Concrete is one of the most prevalent pavement options for commercial properties of all kinds, and with the proper maintenance, it can last for years. However, various outside forces can impact concrete pavement and cause damage requiring repairs or even a replacement.

Choosing the Right Concrete for Your Commercial Property

Concrete pavement is a popular choice for commercial properties for its durability and striking, dramatic effects. For example, a concrete walkway and stairs can boost curb appeal for retail businesses, bringing in new customers. Or, a commercial concrete parking lot can withstand traffic in a busy office park, church, or shopping center. Regardless of its application, concrete pavement is an excellent option for commercial properties.

Concrete can be used to construct parking lots, pathways, stairs, garages, finished floors, and more. There are many different kinds of concrete available for commercial applications, including:

  • Plain
  • Reinforced
  • Pre-stressed
  • Pre-cast
  • Lightweight
  • High-density
  • Ready-mix
  • Rapid-set
  • Pervious
  • Compacted
  • Glass
  • And more!

As you can see, when it comes to concrete pavement, the possibilities are endless. However, some concrete material types are better suited for commercial applications than others. You will often find plain, reinforced, ready-mix, rapid-set, pervious, and compacted concrete on commercial properties because these materials typically have the longest lifespans and lowest amounts of maintenance requirements.

Even though concrete can last up to thirty years with the proper care and maintenance, your commercial property can still be susceptible to subtle (or sometimes substantial) damage over time, so it’s important to recognize the signs.

6 Signs Your Commercial Concrete Pavement Needs Repairs or Replacement

Concrete pavement is a remarkably durable material, but it’s not entirely immune to issues. Below, we look more closely at six of the most common signs your commercial concrete pavement needs repairs or a replacement:

1. Cracks

Perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time to repair your commercial concrete is when cracks begin to show. Networks of cracks can form because of fluctuations in temperature, prolonged periods of rain or heat, and vehicular traffic.

Although cracks may seem like a minor issue, they can cause further damage if not dealt with quickly. For example, if cracks form on concrete sidewalks around the foundation of a building, it can adversely impact its structural integrity.

Luckily, combatting this problem is simple. Your commercial concrete paving partner can implement spot repairs to stop networks of cracks on your concrete surfaces from spreading. However, more extensive cracking may require a complete replacement.

2. Fading Paint

Many commercial property owners choose concrete as the material used to construct their parking lots. Commercial concrete parking lots often include painted lines for pedestrian crosswalks, parking spots, or to point vehicles in the correct direction. However, parking lot paint can fade over time, and the paved surface can become discolored with age.

If you notice your concrete parking lot lines looking more faded than usual, it’s probably time to consider repairs. In addition, faded pavement surfaces can signify that your pavement is nearing the end of its lifespan, so it might also be time for an entire concrete pavement replacement. Your selected concrete paving company can assess the concrete’s age and damage severity before determining whether repairs or a replacement is the right choice for your commercial property.

3. Pooling Water

Another problem commercial property managers often face with their concrete pavement is pooling water. Puddles and lingering precipitation after snowmelt or rainstorms can indicate uneven subsurface conditions under the concrete.

An uneven concrete subsurface can lead to superficial issues above ground, such as large networks of cracks or hazardous potholes. Typically, failing concrete subsurfaces that lead to pooling water require you to tear up the concrete surface, too, resulting in the need for an entire replacement of the pavement both above ground and below.

4. Swelling Pavement

On the opposite side of the spectrum, instead of dips in your concrete creating pools of water, swelling pavement can also pose a serious problem for your commercial property. When concrete pavement swells, it can cause a system of bumps and ridges to arise on the pavement surface. As a result, vehicles can easily become damaged, or, worse, a pedestrian could trip, fall, and be injured on your property.

Again, like the pooling water problem, the proper way to deal with the swelling concrete pavement is to replace it entirely with new materials. When hiring a commercial paving partner to complete your concrete pavement replacement correctly, look for someone with vast experience to ensure it lasts for years to come.

5. Potholes

The formation of potholes is yet another sign your commercial concrete needs repairs. Potholes occur when water underneath the pavement surface expands and contracts due to fluctuations in outside temperatures. As the ground flexes, the concrete surface caves in, creating a gaping space. Potholes are a major concern for commercial property owners, as they can pose a serious risk to vehicles and pedestrians.

It’s crucial to seek professional pothole repair services right away to maintain a safe environment on your commercial property and keep things under control. Your chosen paving partner can provide fast fixes by filling in smaller potholes with rapid-set or ready-mix concrete. These minor, immediate repairs can help stop the problem from becoming too extensive. However, if you decide to delay your pothole repairs, you may require a total concrete replacement.

6. Chemical Deterioration

One last sign that it’s time to repair or replace your concrete pavement that doesn’t get much attention is chemical deterioration. This problem is often overlooked because the signs of chemical damage can be pretty subtle and challenging to spot. There are several substances commonly found on commercial properties that can cause damage to concrete pavement, including:

  • Paints and lacquers
  • Paint thinner
  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Acid
  • Oil
  • And more

Chemical deterioration is often a problem in commercial parking lots, garages, service stations, trucking terminals, auto mechanic shops, and other locations where oils and chemicals are commonly found. As a result, the chemicals listed above can eat away at your concrete’s surface with time and volume, creating cracks and crumbling materials.

To eliminate the adverse effects of chemicals on your pavement, you need to utilize high-quality sealants and the services of an expert concrete paving company.

Get Professional Help Repairing Your Commercial Concrete Pavement

Although concrete is an incredibly durable material, there might come a time when cracks, potholes, and other common problems affect the paved concrete surfaces on your commercial property.

Unfortunately, failing concrete surfaces can be a liability for commercial properties, creating potential safety hazards and giving commercial property managers a massive headache. However, repairing or replacing commercial concrete doesn’t have to be so difficult.

If you start noticing signs of worn and damaged concrete surfaces, don’t wait to make repairs. Search for a local concrete paving company to complete the job quickly so your commercial property can stay up and running and avoid even costlier repairs or liability issues in the future.

Put your trust in the paving specialists at Richfield Concrete to complete your commercial pavement repairs or replacement easily and at affordable rates. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for high-quality concrete paving services.

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