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6 Industries That Benefit From a Concrete Patio Installation

So many people are choosing concrete for patios and driveways today. Concrete offers a solid and attractive choice for any paving project and can be stamped to look like tile or stone. Several industries can benefit from a concrete patio’s flexibility and appearance, like restaurants, hotels, and universities. Concrete patios can be built in any shape you desire, so they work well with outdoor landscaping and other factors. Patios can be any size and finished precisely to your liking too. You can even incorporate concrete walkways, borders, and landscaping features into your patio. Here are six industries that could greatly benefit from a patio installation:  

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Businesses
  • Wineries
  • Offices
  • Universities

What Is Concrete?

It’s important to know what concrete is made of before you get started on any project. Concrete is made of a mixture of gray powder called “Portland Cement,” sand, and gravel or crushed stone. The Portland Cement reacts chemically with the water and hardens over time. This process is called hydration and means that concrete doesn’t dry, it cures. Most often, additives are included in the concrete mixture to improve its use on driveways and patios. Some of the most common additives are air-entraining mixtures that make the concrete freeze and thaw resistant and water-reducers that enhance strength. Air-trained additives also reduce expansion and contraction. They contain billions of microscopic air bubbles. With these additives, concrete can withstand different climates and harsh temperatures. 

Benefits of Concrete 

There are many benefits to creating a concrete patio. Concrete is durable, solid, and attractive, for starters. It can be used to create patios of all shapes and sizes, including free-form shapes and curves. There are no limits when it comes to designing a concrete patio. Additions like walkways and borders can always be added, and you can choose what kind of finish you’d like. Popular options include a non-slip broomed finish or a decorative exposed-aggregate finish. You can match the finish to your overall design to create a cohesive outdoor space. Here are just a few of the benefits to choosing concrete for your patio:

  • Any size and shape you want.
  • Versatile and durable. 
  • Different finish options.
  • Incorporate concrete walkways, borders, and landscaping features, and more into your design.
  • Holds up well in a variety of climates.
  • It can be reinforced to prevent cracking.
  • Process takes 1-3 days to finish, then a minimal setting period before use.
  • Affordable paving choice.

Concrete Patios by Industry 

Now that you have a good understanding of the properties and benefits of concrete, let’s discuss which industries can benefit most from a concrete patio. Once you know all the facts about concrete, it’s easy to see why it makes an excellent choice for patios. Restaurants and wineries can benefit from its different finishes and shape offerings to create a space where customers want to spend time outside. Universities can use concrete patios to create spaces for students and staff to gather, and the same with offices and businesses. Hotels could also benefit from a concrete patio to give their guests a place to relax outside, maybe even by the pool.


The restaurant industry can benefit from a concrete patio installation. Restaurants with patios are always in high demand, no matter where you go. Even in Minnesota, where we only have a handful of months with good weather, restaurants have invested in patios for their customers. One great thing about concrete patios, especially for restaurants, is that they can be any shape and work within the confines of the space you have. Even if your restaurant doesn’t have much room for a patio, your concrete paver can get creative with the shape and create a space that fits your restaurant’s design. 


Hotels can make excellent use of a concrete patio, maybe even a few depending on how big the property is. City hotels can install courtyards with a patio space, creating an oasis for guests from the city’s noise and bustle. Hotels with a little more space can utilize a big outdoor concrete patio surrounding a pool if they have one. Guests of the hotel love any chance to escape reality for a little while, and a spacious outdoor patio with a pool or hot tub is just the way to do that. 


A variety of businesses can benefit from installing a concrete patio. Shops located in warm climates might consider adding a patio to set up sales on nice days or hold special events related to the shop. Yoga studios might consider a concrete patio that would allow them to have outdoor classes. Food and wine shops could utilize a patio for hosting events or renting out the space to others for events. Wine tasting and cooking classes could do well in an outdoor space, especially in the summer months when people are looking to spend as much time as possible outside. Many different businesses could utilize a concrete patio, mainly thanks to the various finish options available and unlimited design potential. 


Wineries, like restaurants, would be remiss not to offer any outdoor space to their guests. A concrete patio overlooking the vineyards sounds like a dreamy location to spend time. With the variety of sizes and shapes offered in concrete, wineries can create the exact type of patio they envision. Since wineries typically have a lot of space to spread out, so they can make a pretty sizable concrete patio to fill the space. Your winery guests will be delighted to spend time outside on a beautiful patio while they enjoy wine and the views.


Offices are another excellent spot for concrete patio installations, especially large office buildings that serve many people. Creating a space for employees to hold meetings when the weather is nice, meet for a coffee, or enjoy an outdoor lunch break can be a serious perk for hardworking people. Having access to nature through a beautiful patio space will keep people happy and productive.


Like offices, universities should have patio space for their students and faculty to gather. Creating shared spaces helps people connect, and there’s no better way to do that than with a concrete patio at your university. Students can study and meet each other to work on projects, and it will give people a space to sit down and take a break between classes or meetings.

Installing Your Concrete Patio

These six industries can all immensely benefit from a concrete patio installation. Concrete is a durable and visually appealing paving choice that makes sense for restaurants, universities, hotels, and more. Concrete can be repaired or added on to at a later date, allowing for maximum flexibility. Find a trustworthy paving company and get started on your concrete patio project today.

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