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Concrete Additions

Maybe you already have a concrete driveway or patio, but are thinking about adding on to it to increase your parking area, to provide separate parking for your boat or RV, or to expand your outdoor living area. Richfield Concrete can integrate such additions with your existing concrete, cutting old concrete and pouring new concrete to create these add-ons. We can also extend old sidewalks into new areas of your property, or add additional walkways as your needs change. Again, we can smoothly transition from old walkways to new ones. Whenever you think of adding concrete surfaces to your property, think of Richfield Concrete.

Concrete Repairs

Even though concrete is extremely durable, damage can occur for many reasons. Minor damage is easily repaired by most homeowners or a local handyman. For major damage, though, you need a professional concrete contractor, like Richfield Concrete. Some of the types of damage we repair include:

  • Major Broken Areas – Where a vehicle that is too heavy has broken your driveway, the solution is often to replace an entire section of the driveway. Richfield Concrete will saw out the damaged area, usually to a control joint boundary. We’ll then remove the debris, re-compact the sub-base, if necessary, and pour and finish new concrete to replace the broken area.
  • Sunken Concrete at Garage Doors – This common problem is caused by poorly compacted soil in front of the garage at the time of original construction. Richfield Concrete will cut the concrete or apron in front of the garage and remove it. We’ll then excavate and make any repairs that are necessary to the garage foundation and refill the excavation, properly compacting the material. We’ll create a proper sub-base, install reinforcing steel, pour new concrete, and then finish it as nearly like the existing concrete as possible.
  • Uneven, Heaved, or Sunken Concrete – Usually caused by severe freeze and thaw cycles in especially bad winters here in Minnesota, such damage can often be repaired without replacing the entire driveway. Each situation is different, of course, but if your driveway has suffered this kind of damage, call Richfield Concrete. We’ll evaluation the situation, explain what can be done, and give you repair options.

Richfield Concrete – Your Twin Cities Concrete Resource

Whether you’d like to add more concrete areas to your property or you need repairs for major damage to concrete, Richfield Concrete has the experience and expertise you need. In our 60+ years of paving work in the Twin Cities Metro Area, we’ve solved concrete problems and found affordable solutions for many hundreds of residential and commercial properties. Give us a call or contact us online to discuss your situation. We’ll be happy to find a solution for you. If it’s a project we can help you with, we’ll gladly consult with you at your location and provide a free estimate.

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