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How To Prepare Your Concrete Patio for Spring

Your concrete patio is one of the most critical aspects of your home when it comes to providing aesthetic value, functional space, and an outdoor area for you to entertain guests. Repairs, renovations, and fixes are needed so your foundation does not cause more expensive issues as time goes on. But what if your patio suffers from much-needed repairs and consistent damage over time? 

As the weather warms and landscaping season is upon us, this can be the ideal time to look into any replacement opportunities for your patio. Spring is not just the time to clean out your garage or eliminate clutter — this is the perfect season, to begin with landscaping, gardening, outdoor repairs, and cleaning built-up snow and debris from the winter months

Let’s look at why you should use a professional to help fix your patios and some steps to guarantee the longest lifespan possible!

Steps to Prepare Your Concrete Patio

Let’s see the basic steps to prepare your concrete patio for professional replacements and renovations on your property.

Powerwash All Surfaces

concrete patios, spring

One of the first steps to prep your concrete patio for professional repairs, renovations, or replacements is to power wash all exterior surfaces. The easiest way to eliminate dirt and debris is to use extra pressure with high-powered washing technology. We recommend power washing concrete, planters, statues, garages, and driveways.

Clean Patio Furniture

Along with cleaning the patio surfaces, patio furniture and adding new elements to your outdoor space can significantly increase the seating area and functional value. If you do not have any furniture or you are lacking seating areas, tables, and couches, including more furniture can help increase the versatility of your space during the spring and summer months. 

Add Flowers

Adding flowers is an easy and fast way to brighten up the space during the warmer months. If you are excited to have guests over to your home, flowers and new design elements can increase the livability of your home. 

Add Design

The second way to get your outdoor space ready for new concrete is to add aesthetic design to boost the value of your house and make it more unique. Change up your walkway, driveway, garage, or decorative statues or mailboxes to make a great first impression – especially if you are considering listing your house on the real estate market. 

We recommend using a professional business to add new lighting fixtures to walkways to brighten up space and reduce any risk of injury. In addition, you can use landscapers or house repair professionals to include new garden materials and flowers, change the patio textiles, and use new furniture in the outdoor space. 

Stain the Patio

A third way to prepare your patio for any repairs or renovations is to use new paint or stain the patio to add a different texture, style, and aesthetic. A boring patio can make your entire exterior space look drab and boring. Painting your patio is an excellent way to cover any cracks, increase the aesthetic value of the patio and garden, and showcase your unique personality. 

Add Sealer

Once you stain the patio, add sealer to the concrete material before you cover it for added protection. Adding sealer is an easy way to increase the durability of your patio and protect it from abrasion, wear and tear, debris, and staining as time goes on. 

Cover Your Patio

After you clean and paint your patio, the following step should be to cover your patio material. Some surfaces can be especially susceptible to dirt and debris. Covering our patio is not only a good way to keep it clean, but it can add a new and brighter look that paint or staining might not achieve. We recommend using a professional company to do this for you. This can be a fast and easy way to add value and curb appeal to your home. 

Change it Up

The last way to prepare your concrete patio for a professional service is to change the aesthetic look and mix it up! Adding new furniture, changing the design, including flowers, and switching up the furniture can be an easy way to make your house’s garden and exterior look like a completely new space. 

If you previously had a wood or stone patio, we recommend creating a concrete patio for the spring season. But you shouldn’t do this alone — using a professional company is the best way to guarantee a satisfactory job. 

Use a Professional Service

concrete patios, spring

Concrete patios can be susceptible to cracks, debris, breaks, and weather damage. But, with a professional company, you can guarantee a long lifespan that is going to withstand the elements all year round. 

For advice on caring for your concrete patio and for installation services, contact Richfield Concrete today to get started.