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“We’ve recently got our garage floor installed by Richfield Concrete. It looks so great and has an amazing finish. I would recommend people to choose Richfield Concrete for any concrete services. Would love to contact them again for other services!”

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Our Maple Grove Concrete Paving Services

As one of the leading Maple Grove Concrete Contractors, it is important that we offer all of the essential paving services that our clients could potentially need.

A quick list of what we offer is below:

  • Concrete repair
  • Concrete leveling
  • Concrete driveway
  • Concrete edging
  • Concrete lifting
  • Concrete patios
  • Concrete steps

These services are available for any property, residential or commercial. These are projects that can be done or inspected to see if there are any repairs that are necessary.

Concrete Repair

Whether it is a new or older home, it is important that the integrity of your concrete remain intact. No matter what type of concrete you have on your property, if it is damaged or starts to crack from long-term exposure to environmental conditions over time, we can assess the damage and make the necessary repairs to extend its lifespan. This is an important service to have regularly for properties with quite a bit of concrete so that it isn’t having to be replaced all at once.

Concrete Leveling

Anytime you have concrete poured on your property, it is critical that it is leveled. Uneven concrete can be a significant hazard for property owners. Our concrete leveling services ensure smooth and even surfaces for practicality and safety. This practice is standard in all of our concrete repairs and projects no matter how big or small.

Concrete Driveway Paving Contractor near maple grove, mn area

Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveway installations and repairs are some of the most common services in the Maple Grove area.  Concrete driveways can easily handle extreme weather conditions and exposure to environmental elements. Throughout the year, Maple Grove experiences very cold temperatures that do not impact the integrity of the concrete.

This is also true in the summer when the temperature reaches some of the highest in Minnesota and the concrete is not impacted. It takes several years for environmental conditions to start wearing these driveways down.

A concrete driveway will also enhance your property value, making it ideal to add before you sell or refinance your home.

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Concrete Edging

Having clean edges on your concrete is essential to the appearance and aesthetic of your property. As a resident, you want that to look as though you have clear-cut borders between your lawn and the driveway. This is also true for any landscaping you may have on your commercial property.

The edging also has the ability to keep the soil out of the lawn, reducing soil erosion on certain properties. We serve both residential and commercial clients who wish to protect their parking areas.

Concrete Lifting

Sometimes you may have aged concrete that has started to fall or sink due to the soil beneath it. Similar to concrete leveling, lifting involves evening the surface to ease safety concerns and enhance the quality of your paving area. During this process, there is a specific polyurethane foam that is used by professionals to have the concrete elevated so that it can be repaired or stabilized.

It is an option to consider if the concrete is still in good condition and you need to find a cost-effective solution. Concrete lifting will give you the chance to extend the lifespan of your concrete without breaking the bank.

Concrete Patios

Small concrete patios for residential properties are all the rage, with them giving families a nice outdoor space that is convenient and easy to maintain throughout the year. We also provide services to businesses and municipalities throughout Maple Grove looking to add patio spaces to their property.

These patios are great additions to parks and outdoor areas where there are lots of foot traffic regularly. Our concrete patios can be designed how you prefer and customized to fit what you are looking to achieve on your property. Choose your shape, size, and finish on the concrete.

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Concrete Steps

Walking up to the front of your home can make an impression on your guest.  Concrete steps offer durability, variety, and customization to your home or property. When you choose concrete for your steps, the foundation is stable, reducing the chances of potential harm.

The maintenance of concrete steps is also minimal, which is what makes them an ideal option for property owners looking to reduce maintenance and get longevity at the same time.

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Maple Grove Concrete Contractors

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If you want the leader in Maple Grove concrete contractors, then you will be reaching out to Richfield Concrete for your next project, no matter the size. We are happy to service your concrete needs, whether it be concrete repair, concrete leveling, concrete driveway, concrete edging, concrete lifting, concrete patios, or concrete steps.

Our team has spent the last several decades providing concrete services to hundreds of clients and there is not a concrete service we can’t do. We can make repairs to existing concrete on your property or help you with a brand new project that will improve your functionality while looking great.

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