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“We’ve recently got our garage floor installed by Richfield Concrete. It looks so great and has an amazing finish. I would recommend people to choose Richfield Concrete for any concrete services. Would love to contact them again for other services!”

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Our Plymouth Concrete Paving Services

Our company offers multiple services within Plymouth, Minnesota. Check out our services listed below for both commercial and residential properties.

Concrete Driveway

Does your driveway need installation or replacement? Richfield Concrete can help. With our Plymouth concrete driveway services, we can turn your property into a beautiful place.

Our Plymouth concrete driveway service is suitable for commercial and residential properties. Below are the reasons for getting this service from Richfield Concrete:

  • Increased property value
  • A long-lasting driveway
  • Improved curb appeal
  • The property appears new and fresh
  • Increases safety on your property
  • Quality results that withstand harsh weather

You do not have to worry about cracked or raised Plymouth concrete driveways because we offer quality concrete leveling, concrete edging, concrete lifting, installation, and replacement services to restore the driveway. Our Plymouth concrete contractors can develop an attractive design to make the driveway match your property’s landscape.

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Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

Safety is a vital consideration that makes everyone stay safe on your property. Leaving the sidewalks and walkways with debris and potholes could lead to accidents. When someone gets injured on your property, you risk lawsuits, and may pay money in the long run.

Richfield Concrete has professional Plymouth concrete contractors that can repair and replace sidewalks and walkways to improve safety. Below are the signs that your sidewalks and walkways need a touch:

  • Cracks
  • Discoloration
  • Stagnant water
  • Crumbling
  • Vertical displacement
  • Bubbling
  • Spalling

Our concrete sidewalks and walkways services will make your property appealing. Whether you need concrete leveling, concrete lifting, or concrete edging sidewalk services for a school grocery store, restaurant, shopping center, apartment complex, and many more, we can offer the services accordingly.

If you notice any of the above damage signs, get in touch with us immediately. Our Plymouth concrete repair contractors will give the sidewalks a new face that will make your property safer. Our work can last for many years because we offer quality.

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Concrete Patios and Porches

Concrete Porches and Patios

In summer, many people spend time outdoors relaxing, reading books, drinking, or having a grasp of fresh air. The beautiful summer season in Plymouth, Minnesota, can make your stay comfortable under a patio or porch. In this case, it is best to consider Plymouth concrete patios.

At Richfield Concrete, we can help you install quality Plymouth concrete patios and porches that will last a lifetime. Our team of contractors customizes patios and porches as per your needs and expectations during installation or replacement. Below are our considerations.

  • Size: We build patios of any size.
  • Shape: Our Plymouth concrete patios are rectangular or freeform curves.
  • Finish: Choose quality, decorative, and a troweled smooth surface.
  • Additions: We choose features that will match your landscape walkways and borders.

We aim to give you quality Plymouth concrete patios and porches worth your money. This is a perfect addition to your property that will enhance curb appeal and boost the value of your property.

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Concrete Steps and Stoops

When concrete steps and stoops crack, sink, or get damaged by water, people can get injured on your property. It is best to ensure that visitors access your property without any difficulties or safety concerns.

Richfield Concrete has a team of professionals offering quality concrete steps and stoops in Minnesota. We are a leading Plymouth concrete repair service provider within the region, and we take pride in ensuring that all our customers get quality concrete steps and stoops based on their needs.

We also offer various designs that will leave your concrete steps and property appealing and valuable. Our team has the expertise and the proper techniques to provide services without compromising quality.

With Richfield Concrete services, you can be sure of safe guests on your property and get decorative concrete steps service and ornament railings.

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Concrete Garage Floors

Garages are highly exposed to stains and cracks. The floors accumulate these elements and start wearing and tearing off over time. If left unattended, the surface becomes a hazard and may cause injuries.

At Richfield Concrete, we will analyze the condition of your garage floors and determine the best Plymouth concrete repair service. For instance, if the floor is highly damaged, we can replace the entire surface. In some cases, we can repair the affected areas if it has minor issues. We can do concrete leveling and concrete lifting to restore your garage floor surface.

Whether you plan to repair, replace or add a new garage to your home, we are more than ready to offer concrete services for your garage floor. We’ve provided similar services within the Plymouth, Minnesota areas, and we will be glad to attend to your needs.

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Top Quality Concrete Installations, Repairs, and So Much More

Top Quality Concrete Installations

Don’t waste your time and energy on Plymouth concrete repair, leveling, concrete edging, or concrete filling. Richfield Concrete is more than ready and capable of handling all your projects.

We can repair, install, or replace your Plymouth concrete driveway, patios, walkways, or steps for you. We guarantee that our concrete leveling and concrete lifting contractors will deliver quality and prioritize your expectations.

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Whether you plan to install a new patio or update your sidewalks, stoops, or driveway, we are ready to offer quality services beyond your expectations. Richfield Concrete has served over 10,000 customers on residential and commercial properties within Minnesota, offering repairs and replacements.

Our Plymouth concrete contractors are well trained, experienced, and highly skilled in providing different concrete services, and you won’t find a quality and affordable service provider anywhere else. Begin the journey of transforming your property now.

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