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Things to consider when planning your concrete pavement construction

  • Timing – Although most concrete projects are completed in just 1-3 days, you should schedule your project as early as you can. Our crews maintain a busy schedule of projects throughout the season, so the earlier you schedule, the more likely you are to have your project in place and ready to go when you want it.
  • Issues that Can Cause Delays – In Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, concrete projects can sometimes be delayed due to storms. If rain is in the forecast, installing concrete may be delayed to prevent damage to the surface by rain or hail during the initial setting time. Also, in July and August, temperatures in the Twin Cities can get up into the 90s, causing delays until things cool down a bit.
  • Planning for Special Events – If you’re planning a concrete project that needs to be ready for a visit by relatives, a wedding, or any event on your calendar, it’s especially important to call Richfield Concrete well in advance. Remember that concrete takes 30 days to reach its full strength, so keep that in mind as well. We recommend that you call us as soon as you know your schedule.
  • Planning for Selling a Home – The real estate market is beginning to warm up again in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. If you’re considering selling your current home to make a move, you’ll want it to look its best. Nothing adds to curb appeal better than a smooth, clean new concrete driveway. Other concrete projects can also make your home sell faster and at a better price. If you’re planning a sale, get started on your concrete projects well in advance of the time you’ll put the property on the market.
  • Get Ready for Winter – If the condition of your driveway and walkways made snow removal a major hassle last winter, the solution is simple. A fresh new concrete driveway and walkways that are even and smooth make snow removal a breeze. Whether you’re using a snowblower or shoveling by hand, the difference in the amount of work is amazing. Richfield Concrete can install your new concrete construction projects in the fall, so they’ll be ready for whatever a Minnesota winter can dish out. Call early, though, to make sure your project will be completed before the snow flies.

Richfield Concrete – Concrete Pavement Construction Company in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

At Richfield Concrete, we’re ready to get to work on your concrete projects anytime during the May-October season. Our busy schedule means that timing your project is important. If you want the high-quality, professional concrete work we’re famous for, call us as soon as possible for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate. We’ll put our team to work creating your project, so you can have it completed when you need it.

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