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Guide to what you can and can’t do once your concrete is installed

  • For the First Two Days – Although your new concrete will become solid fairly quickly, it has little strength and hardness for the first two days. During that time, especially during the first 24 hours, keep all traffic off the concrete. Any damage to the surface of the concrete will be permanent. That means adults, children, and pets, too. Richfield Concrete will put up warning tape, but once we’re gone from the worksite, it’s up to you. Children and pets are always immediately attracted to your new concrete slab, so be sure to ask your neighbors to keep their children and pets off the fresh concrete. Many concrete projects end up with footprints of children and pets if this is ignored. For the first few hours, this is even more critical. Many homeowners keep a constant eye on their project during this time. Falling leaves, tree sap, and wild animals like squirrels, crows, and other birds can also scar the surface, especially in the first 24 hours.
  • For the Rest of the First Week – After two days, you can feel free to walk on your new concrete. It’s tough enough at that time to resist scars from walking. However, avoid twisting or skidding shoes on the concrete during that time, and keep bicycles, skateboards, and other toys off the surface. Do not drive on the concrete for the first 7 days. Leave the warning tape in place to let delivery vehicles and others know that they need to stay off your concrete.
  • After One Week – After 7 days, it’s OK to drive on your new concrete with normal passenger vehicles. Avoid driving near or across the edges of the driveway, though, since those areas are still weaker. Also, avoid skidding things on the driveway or dragging sharp objects on the driveway, since they can still scar the surface.
  • After 30 Days – When 30 days have passed, your new concrete will have developed almost all the hardness and strength it will have, and you can use it in any normal way. You should avoid allowing heavy trucks, like garbage trucks or moving vans, on your residential driveway. It’s not designed for that kind of load. After 30 days, the curing agent applied to your driveway will have dissipated, so that’s a good time to apply concrete sealant for the first time.

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At Richfield Concrete, we want your new concrete driveway or other project to look great from the very beginning and for many years to come. Once we leave your home after installation, we want you to know how to care for your driveway, starting from the very beginning. The last thing our concrete crew will do before leaving will be to give you detailed instructions for caring for your new concrete. If you follow those instructions, you’ll be assured of the best care you can give it. Contact Richfield Concrete today for a free, no-obligation consultation on your project. We’ll help you make your best decisions from the very start and throughout the process.