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Some of the ways that concrete can show damage

  • Concrete Pavement Cracks – Cracks are not uncommon in concrete, especially as the years go by. There are filler products available at home supply stores that can help with temporary repairs for smaller cracks. However, if a crack occurs outside of a control joint, there’s no permanent way to fix the crack, and water will continue to infiltrate, which can cause heaving and other problems. In most cases, Richfield Concrete can saw out a section of the concrete that contains the crack, and pour new concrete to replace the section. For extensive cracking throughout the concrete surface, complete replacement is your best bet.
  • Uneven Concrete Surfaces – If portions of your concrete are raised or lowered, due to settling, tree roots, or other reasons, the problem will not fix itself. In some cases, you can have lowered areas raised by a company that pumps material under the lowered section. However, such uneven surfaces are generally caused by settling of the base under the concrete. For a permanent repair, the best approach is to replace the concrete after fixing the underlying base with appropriate base materials and compacting.
  • Deteriorated Concrete Surfaces – Natural weathering, deterioration due to the use of salt to melt ice, and other factors can cause previously smooth concrete to become rough and uneven. There’s no easy way to repair this, although it’s possible in some cases to create an overlay of fresh concrete. In most cases, though, replacement of the deteriorated concrete is the best solution.
  • Broken Up Concrete – If a portion of your concrete has been broken up, due to excessive loads or other causes, a section of the concrete can be removed and new concrete laid to match the level of the rest of the area. The appearance will be somewhat different, of course, but this is a common repair.
  • Severely Stained Concrete – Driveways are especially prone to this problem, which is usually caused by spills of automotive fluids on an unsealed driveway. If these are not cleaned up right away, they will penetrate beyond the surface and become impossible to remove. Prevention is the best cure, but a badly stained, unsightly driveway or garage floor is usually best handled by replacement.

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