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Soil types, Conditions and the Preparations Needed

  • Sandy or Gravelly Soils – These soil types are ideal for concrete pavement installation and require the least amount of preparation. They drain water away quickly and can be compacted easily to provide a solid base for floating concrete slabs. They resist settling over time, and are ideal for concrete projects. Such soils are found in Bloomington, parts of Eden Prairie, and in other communities around the Twin Cities.
  • Clay and Loamy Soils – Found in Eagan, Plymouth and elsewhere in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, these soils are soft and retain water. What that means is that they can move under your concrete. Concrete is strong, and can support great weights, but it is also somewhat brittle. Movement or settling of the soil under a concrete slab can cause it to crack, even when it is reinforced with steel and microfibers. To create a better base for concrete, we may need to excavate the soil beneath the concrete and replace it with crushed rock that can be compacted to provide the needed support for the concrete. In some cases a layer of Geotechnical fabric can be placed between the soil and the crushed rock to further stabilize the base.
  • Existing Bases – For replacement driveways and other projects, the existing base under the old driveway may already meet the needs of your project. If so, this will simplify the preparations.
  • Grading and Compacting – For every concrete project, we will grade the base to smooth it, level it, and establish the drainage pattern. Then, we will compact the base with vibratory rollers and other tools to create a stable base to support the concrete and minimize base movement over time.
  • Installing Forms – Before pouring concrete, forms must be placed around the perimeter of the slap to contain the concrete, act as a mold for the edges, and to provide a level surface. These forms will be removed after the original setting of the concrete.
  • Reinforcement – While concrete is hard and can support great weight, it has little tensile strength against being pulled apart. Steel reinforcing rods, 3/8″ in diameter are used to construct a grid of steel that will be centered in the thickness of the concrete. The grid will be sized to match the project. In addition, microfibers added to the concrete mix provide additional protection against cracking. Some projects use different reinforcing materials.

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At Richfield Concrete, we know that the key to a successful concrete project over its lifetime is proper preparation before the concrete is placed. Our extensive knowledge of local soil conditions throughout the Twin Cities metro area lets us help you to understand what preparations will be needed for your project. Careful attention given to preparation is one of our main priorities, so we never cut corners. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for your concrete project. We’ll give you all the information you need to help you make the right choices.

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