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“Just a note to say thank you for the terrific job done. The porch sidewalk and steps are great. We’ve already had a couple of people comment on how great it looks. We would readily recommend your company to anyone looking for work done. Again thank you so much!”
– Bruce and Teresa C., St Paul, MN

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Our Shakopee Concrete Paving Services

The concrete experts at Richfield offer a wide range of options for our Shakopee commercial and residential customers. Whether you need a brand new surface or just an annual inspection, our expert contractors have you covered. Take a moment and check out our various paving services for both commercial and residential customers below:

Concrete Driveways

Many Shakopee customers prefer concrete over gravel driveways because they are affordable, attractive, and resilient. Some of the many benefits that concrete driveways offer our residential and commercial customers include:

  • Curb appeal is increased due to the clean lines and polished appearance of the driveway.
  • The driveways withstand inclement weather, especially those hot Minnesota summer days.
  • Driveways made of concrete are compatible with every imaginable style of landscaping.
  • Long lifespan of 20 to 40 years.

If you need repairs to your Shakopee concrete driveway, take a moment and contact Richfield’s. We offer installation and repair of commercial and residential driveways, providing all our customers with the utmost care and thorough preparation for all of our concrete projects.

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Concrete Sidewalks and Walkways

When people first look at your Shakopee property, the impression they will take away is how your surrounding sidewalks look. When you work with Richfield to improve your concrete sidewalks, you will experience an increase in both your curb appeal and property value. Concrete walkways have proven to increase the value of:

  • Houses
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Markets
  • And much more

When you have cracks and holes in your sidewalks, it is not only unattractive but it is also a potential safety hazard. When you or your kids run, play, or even walk on damaged surfaces, you increase your risk of stumbling, falling, and getting hurt. Contact Richfield Concrete for a quote today if you notice:

  • Cracks in the pavement
  • Crumbling concrete
  • Standing water
  • Vertical displacement of your walkway
  • Bubbling
  • Discoloration of the pavement

When sidewalks are made of concrete, they have a long lifespan of twenty to forty years on average before they need replacing. When something lasts that long, it is worth the investment. When you choose to have inspections done annually, you can rest assured that your sidewalks will always be in pristine condition.

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Concrete Porches and Patios

Concrete Porches and Patios

A favorite pastime for many Shakopee property owners comes in the form of spending time outside enjoying our magnificent Minnesota summers. Concrete patios have an impressive lifespan, and our experts at Richfield can create a customized solution for your home or business.  When you create your perfect patio, you can incorporate these details:

  • Size: We build patios of every size.
  • Shape: Whether you prefer the more versatile rectangular shape or freeform curves, we can bring you the patio of your dreams.
  • Finish: You have your choice of a troweled smooth surface, a non-slip broomed surface, or a decorative exposed-aggregate finish to your patio.
  • Customization: You can further customize your space through the incorporation of creative borders, concrete walkways, or landscaping features to show your uniquely perfect lifestyle.

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Concrete Steps and Stoops

When it comes to who Shakopee turns to for their stoops and steps, Richfield is the top provider. Your entry steps can give your visitors a substantial first impression of your property. When your stoop is built with materials of the highest quality, you can have improved functionality. The beauty of both your entry steps and stoop can also raise your property value.

Are your entryway steps beginning to look like they have seen better days? This may be the perfect time to schedule repairs or consider replacing them. It takes minimal effort to improve the appearance of your property using our proven paving techniques.  When you incorporate ornamental railings or decorative planters into your entryway, you bring forth your unique style that is sure to impress your family, friends, or business associates.

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Concrete Garage Floors

Garage floors in Shakopee can crack or stain easily due to the inclement Minnesota weather. When considering discolored or damaged concrete in your garage floor, you may be tempted to just get a repair for the short-term, but those repairs don’t last very long. If you are ready to do something about your unsightly discolored or cracked and damaged garage floor, contact us and you can talk to one of our experts today about replacing your floor with a new concrete garage floor.

It always seems like substances such as oil, salt, and rust tend to congregate on our garage floors. Have you considered a maintenance plan for your garage floor? Our experts at Richfield Concrete can help you create a plan for routine maintenance to keep your garage floors looking fabulous for years to come. We protect your garage floor by applying a sealant that is professional-grade after your new installation. The sealant effectively prevents salt, dirt, oil, paint, or other contaminants from permeating your new concrete floor.

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Top Quality Concrete Installations, Repairs, and So Much More

Concrete ServicesChoosing an inexperienced concrete company or attempting to do concrete repairs on your own can leave you disappointed. The experts at Richfield Concrete can help you raise the value of your Shakopee commercial or residential property by providing you with only the highest quality repairs and installations. The knowledge and skills exhibited by our expert paving contractors will give you the impressive results you are looking for every time. During the course of your project, you can rely on prompt communication and professionalism from our team. Our first priority is always to provide you, the customer, with outstanding customer service from start to finish.

In every project we do, Richfield Concrete uses environmentally sustainable practices and materials because we truly care about the environment. The more than 10 million square feet of concrete surfaces we have completed in Minnesota have brought the professional team at Richfield Concrete knowledge and extensive experience you can count on.

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It doesn’t matter what size your project is, whether it is an updated driveway, or sidewalk, a new stoop, stairs, patio or garage floor, Richfield Concrete will always exceed all your expectations. We have more than 10,000 extremely satisfied Minnesota commercial and residential customers who love the concrete installations or repair work we have provided for them. We use the highest quality concrete and nobody can match our affordable pricing. Are you ready to start a commercial or residential concrete project to rejuvenate your Shakopee property? Contact us today and one of our friendly experts can help you get a quote for your project.

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